Here are some YouTube artist you can check out to find inspiration or tips


Hi, my name is Alice, and I make art videos of all kinds, including speed drawing videos, tutorials, challenges, and other fun things! I mostly use watercolor and copics on this channel, but I'm also experienced in oil, digital, and 3D work. I hold a degree in Painting and Graphic Design, and another in 3D Animation! Feel free to ask me any questions, I'd love to get to know you!

James Burk

This is what I do here... PLAY!

If you have Obsessive Creating Disorder like me, you might like to watch some of these videos...



Hi! I'm Rin. I've been drawing for a while now and I love sharing what I create. Even more so, I love the process of drawing. Taking a blank paper and turning it into something visually pleasing. Art for me is an escape, so come along with me, let's draw!


“I'm an aspiring artist from Melbourne, Australia, and here you will find all my videos about my work, tutorials with tips and tricks.”

Sara Tepes

“Hi, I'm Sara and I like art. I'm primarily a student but create art as my "part time job". Digital tools of the trade: Krita 2.9 and Huion WH1409 tablet. Thanks for checking out my channel. :) “

“Watercolor Illustrator/graphic designer I love watercolors, cats, girls, cute things, anime and kpop”