Invisible Red Thread

Vivian was adopted from China in 1995. She is now on the cusp of adulthood, and is wrestling with questions of identity. She describes herself as a “very Westernized” person who doesn’t “feel Asian.” Vivian’s family has shared openly with her about her adoption, but she still has questions. Her parents support her self-exploration, and they prepare to go with her on a trip to China. Although Vivian’s mother becomes ill, Vivian and her father, Hubert, do make the trip. They visit Shumin, a girl of Vivian’s age who was adopted at the same time as Vivian, but by a Chinese family. They also visit the orphanage where Vivian spent her first months. In this hour-long documentary, Vivian experiences culture shock, learns about her roots, and finds some answers to the questions she’s been asking.