The B.E.A.T stands for Beginning to Explore Adoption Together.  We created this site to give adopted teens a chance to discover more about adoption, connect with others online, express thoughts and feelings around adoption, and hear from others with similar experiences. It's a place for you to share your voice.

This is the home site for The BEAT where we celebrate the diversity of adoption, offer adoption resources, and share stories about adoptee's in the media. You can connect with other adopted teens through our social media pages. You can check us out, and connect on our Twitter Feed, Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Instagram.

The Beat also has a private Facebook group which is a place for teens to connect with one another in a safe, judgement free space. It is meant for teens to connect and share with other teens. We appreciate that parents of teens also want to connect and share advice and support to other parents. For that reason we've created a separate, private Facebook group specifically for parents of adopted teens.  We hope all will be able to find a space where they can " join the conversation."