*Some of the videos below have adult content or adult language*

Official Website: https://to.pbs.org/2uIKbGG | #NativeAmericaPBS Native America explores the world created by America's First Peoples. The four-part series reaches back 15,000 years to reveal massive cities aligned to the stars, unique systems of science and spirituality, and 100 million people connected by social networks spanning two continents.
Five public service announcements produced by NBC for Native American Heritage Month. Featured are Al Blackbird, Sonny Skyhawk, Michelle Shining Elk, Boye Ladd, and Shawn Imitates Dog.

7 Native American girls debunk the common misconceptions about their culture.

About One Word: Cut invites people from different groups to weigh in on one word--and their responses show us just how complicated and unique we all are. Don't forget to subscribe and follow us!

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. In 2013 Matika Wilbur took on a project of massive scope: to photograph members of each Federally recognized tribe in the United States. "My dream," Wilbur says, "is that our children are given images that are more useful, truthful, and beautiful."

TEDtalks have various talks about the Native American identity as well as some videos from the BEAT’s youtube playlist. (some of the videos may have adult content or language) The Cut youtube channel also has a good series called “One Word”. Be advised that the content is about racism, oppression, and has some adult language.