Asian American Identity

The following resources are videos that are related to the Asian American identity. These resources are meant to be conversation starters as well as entertaining. Below has underlying messages that will help you reflect on your identity development.

*The videos have mature content*


Interracial Relationships

(Re)model minority

(Re)model minority

Wongfu Production: Yappie

"Yappie" is a single-camera comedy that explores the social and racial issues related to the contemporary Asian American experience from the perspective of Andrew and his bubble of friends who are all "yappies". Asian Americans are an often overlooked minority in the US for a variety of reasons, and we're creating a show to examine and share these causes and their effects on an entire generation.

YouTube Creators for Change: Natalie Tran | White Male Asian Female

“This video was made for YT's Creators for Change program. After receiving comments about being in interracial relationships over the years, I finally felt comfortable enough to address and unpack why these comments always caused a lot of discomfort- more than the usual hate comments. This is a very surface start to what is such a large conversation but I hope to revisit the topic later in more depth. There are opinions in here I agree with, opinions I disagree with, and I voice opinions that might change in the future.”


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