About the Adoption & Identity Project

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Hi, I am Mei and I'm a Chinese adoptee. In 2015, I made a documentary on adoption and identity "Adoption & Identity Intertwined" and created this project to be an educational tool and be a conversation starter. 
After receiving supportive responses about the film, I wanted to continue adding resources for adoptees to utilize.  I found adoptee interviews are one of the best resources out there for those who are struggling with adoption or identity. While I conducted the original 12 interviews with different adoptees, it was not only enlightening for me but also for the interviewee.

So I created this questionnaire below where you can answer the same questions I asked, at your own convince. There is also a word document with the same questions that can be emailed to theadoptionbeat@gmail.com when finished. You can answer as many as you'd like, however there are some that are required. Your answers will be posted here on this site under the Adoption & Identity Intertwined Project as a resource.

If you do provide a picture, please email it to theadoptionbeat@gmail.com. I will also email you when I am ready to post your responses, so you can check over your answers one more time before officially posting them. 

                                                                                   - Mei, The Beat Coordinator 


Other Adoptees who've done this questionnaire